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Hey, its me again. As the quote says being organised isn’t about being perfect I have to admit when it comes to being organised i am not the greatest. Even when i am organised its rather scatty and all over the place (it think this goes to show in my planning sometimes). Before starting university i wasn’t overly organised before writing my essays through A Level coursework, but since starting university i have found some great ways to organise my thoughts in ways i wouldn’t have before.

When writing an essay i like to think of these four points: Read through your essay assignments carefully, make a to-do list prioritising your key points in the essay set, being aware of upcoming deadlines and setting short and long term goals for future essays to come. A big part of being organised is having skills with time management. Many studies have shown that not having time management skills leads to stress. “Students who perceived control of their time reported significantly greater evaluations of their performance, greater work and life satisfaction” according too a study by (Dipboye, et al., 1990). By trying to think of these points above previous during or after writing an essay may help you like it has helped me, to plan and organise my head when coming to write my essays, especially when relating to time management, I have also found a article called ’17 Essential Time Management Skills’. This may be a useful read to you guys who are also struggling with your organisational skills . It also has some quotes on the page that i seem to find inspiring to help me want to build on my time management skills.

17 Essential time management skills




My First Post!

Well this is strange…

My first blog. I don’t even like reading my own problems let alone having other people see them. I don’t think i ever anticipated how hard university life would be. Having to juggle so many things in my life but also trying to get the marks needed to pass. So many questions, will i pass? will i still be able to have a social life? will the stress ever end?  I’m sure having this blog will enable me to answer these questions, to make university life a little less stressful and more enjoyable. I have recently just found this book called “A Guide to Uni Life: The one stop guide to what university is REALLY like” (Tobin (2015). I am hoping this will help me to see that its not just me who’s struggling and were all in the same boat! 

If you could comment any books or journals that could help me with upcoming essays or help towards answering any of my questions above to put me at ease, it will be much appreciated.

Thanks guys.