Bringing a picture book to life

On the 27th April 2017, as part of a module within university, I went into College Road Primary School and brought a picture book to life. I performed this to children as young as reception all the way up to year three. The book I chose to perform was The Time It Took Tom by Nick Sharratt and Stephen Tucker. The book is about a boy called Tom, he finds a red tin of paint and decides to paint his whole house red (including the cat)! As his mother comes back she goes berserk and then the story describes the journey of how Tom and his mother and put the house back how they had it. At then end of the story as a comedic twist Tom finds a blue can of paint. I had the option of working within a group however, I decided to work individually as I thought this would challenge me more because I have been working as part of a group through out the year.

Working on my own, I found a variety of pro’s and con’s.

Organisation – I found this easy as I had a checklist and didn’t have to rely on anyone else.
Knowledge and experience – I had previous knowledge of the picture book and there was no difficulty in trying several activities out in schools on my own.
Changing ideas on the spot – Working on my own let me use reflection in action. Letting me change activities if I could see a group wasn’t engaging well.


Only one in control – I used control measures such as counting down from ten and revisting the song I performed at the beginning to get the children’s attention.
Knowledge of the story – I had to know every part of the story inside out for an effective workshop and so that the children fully believed they were painting my house red.

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