Star Wars Dance

Currently at my KS2 after school club, I am teaching a Star Wars based dance as part of a six week plan I have decided to go in on the first week and add props (not lightsabers yet) to see how the children react with different props added into their performances. I added very simple props such as pieces of material and gymnastic ribbon. This put a few children off as this was something very bazaar as I had not introduced props within a dance before. However, some children really worked well with these props and made stories up around the props through dance for example two girls had a piece of material the size of a tea tray and started pulling it back and forth from each other and added jumps, turns and slides in. Their story was seeing who could win and own this piece of material.  The idea, prop and story was simple yet the dance looked very effective as it look believable.

Adding props into dance can complicate the dynamics of the dance or can make it stronger and bring the dance to a new level (Driscoll, 2016). I think it important for children to be able to dance with props and not just on their own. Dancing on its own but especially with props helps people let out a lot of emotion, if you want the dance to become personal then using props that mean something to you is effective and links in to dance therapy (Valentine, 2016). So, if a child has a memory of Star Wars this could be seen in the dance.

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