Rock and Roll Dancing – Reception Class

Rock and Roll lesson with Reception Class

In reception class, I led a rock and roll dance class for twenty-four children aged between four and five. These are two dance moves the children enjoyed I will explain what the dance move is, why I choose to do to teach them, the reason why they enjoyed the dance moves and what I would change if I was to repeat the lesson.

The first dance move I taught was the twist, which is a traditional rock and roll dance move that involves moving your hands, hips and feet in sync. As Teach Rock (2017) argues the twist is simple enough for anyone to do. From observing and conferring with the teaching assistant and teacher, the children seemed to enjoyed this as they could move freely and have a pleasurable experience with their friends. If I was to re-do the lesson, I would break the group up into smaller groups so that I’d be able to cover more dance moves in the same time.

A hand jive is a dance move that involves serval extravagant hand movements (Wheat & Hargrove, 2009). The Department for Education, (2012:44) states that children between 30-50 months should be “Beginning to move rhythmically. Imitates movement in response to music. Taps out simple repeated rhythms”. This is one of the leading factors to why I including this within my lesson and because it is achievable for children to create, rehearse and perform their own hand jives. The children had an enormous amount of fun creating and rehearsing the hand jives. Although, when it came to performing some children were more hesitant and shy to present their work. However, because of the positive and encouraging atmosphere it became easier for children to stand up and perform in their pairs. In perceptive, if I was to repeat this lesson I would pair the children by ability. So that a child with higher abilities would able to aid a child with lower abilities.

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