Year Six Leavers Performance

For the past three weeks, I have been working very closely with year six at Tidcombe Primary School on an adaptation of Roald Dahl’s Matilda. Part of the script was even written by the children. As this was there leaving performance, I incorporated some of their own work in the final piece. This included:

  • Their mischievous stories through Matilda’s eyes pranking a variety of characters (Michael – her brother, Mr and Mrs Wormwood – her parents and finally the evil Miss Trunchbull – her strict head teacher).
  • A hysterical formal letter written from the Educational Welfare Officer to Mr and Mrs Wormwood regarding Matilda not attending school.
  • Diary entries from the contrasting perspectives of the sneaky Matilda and the infamous Miss Trunchbull.

The production officially started on audition day when the children got to explore the idea of characterisation and how a character should be portrayed. Since then, the whole cast grew in confidence – individually and as supportive team.  This drama production was challenging but as always a challenge that the Year Six rose too, overcame and importantly – enjoyed.

Pictures can be found underneath from the school’s newsletter and a review from one of the schools governors.

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