Study Breaks

After one of our lectures on essay writing, I remembered that we were told that breaking study time into thirty minute chunks could be beneficial to maximising the quality and efficiency of essay writing.

Following this, I looked into the subject more and found that it actually has a name – “The Pomodoro Technique”, where you set alarms after around thirty minutes for a short study break. This in turn aims to “keep  your mind fresh and focussed.” (Cummings, 2019)

I tend to try and sit down for a good four-five hours trying to write an essay, resulting in a lot of brain fog, procrastinating and exhaustion! For our last essay I decided I would set an alarm every half – hour and move around, have a drink of water and forget about writing for ten minutes.

Over the course of two evenings I got so much work done, and it felt so much easier to write. I found myself in a good “flow” of writing, and able to clearly envision what points I wanted to get across within the essay.

In the future, I will definitely be using this method to write my essays, as it really did save me a lot of stress and anxiety!

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I have been really inspired, after looking at my groups’ blogs, to start using more tools to organise my assignments. I use my family calendar but I find it useful to have something on my computer, too. In my search, I found a website called “My Study Life”.  It looks great, and lets you input all upcoming assignments and add notes. It is also an app which you can download to your phone. I have used the note section to add in the assignment briefing and Learning Outcomes for each assignment, so I can keep checking back and it’s all in one place.

I’m hoping that this is going to make my timetable of assignments more accessible, as having them up on the calendar is helpful, however it can also get lost amongst the rest of life (mainly children’s birthday parties – tragic when your 7 year old has a better social life than you!), so I find it easier having a calendar purely for university really handy, especially as I am able to add details about the assignments, too.

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I have recently realised that with juggling a young family, a job and University, I have been neglecting myself and rarely have any “me” time. I have made it a goal to have at least an hour a week to myself, where I can switch off and do something that I enjoy. I used to do yoga all the time however and have been wanting to get back into it, so I looked up classes near me and discovered a new fitness centre – “The Urban Studios”. I had never heard of this gym before and when I looked into it further, I thought it sounded fantastic  – smaller classes than most gyms/health clubs, mainly females attending and multiple types of yoga classes available. So far I have done two of the Hatha Yoga classes, which has more of a focus on deep breathing and mindfulness. I have found this a really helpful way to de-stress.

I looked into benefits of yoga, and as well as brilliant physical benefits, such as better muscle tone, back strength and blood flow, I found that some researchers believe yoga can make you happier and help you focus. (McCall, 2017)

I am going to carry on with yoga and maybe try some of the other fitness classes on offer at The Urban Studios, not only to get some “me time” in, but also to support other areas of my life which can sometimes be stressful!



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