STYC01 Clinical Reflection 09/11/2018

Within this 1 hour session, conducted in the Marjon Sports Therapy Clinic, the client came forth complaining of shoulder and neck pain.

Reflective Summary

After washing my hands and ensuring the work place is properly set up, I checked for contraindications and allergies. Upon observation of the clients shoulders and neck, it was clear that their right upper trapezius had a greater muscle mass, and they explained that this is where they were holding the majority of their pain. I began with 5 minutes of efflurage of their upper shoulders and neck. Following this, I moved onto petrissage in which I used a variety of techniques, however mainly used kneading. Using the boulster under the clients shoulder, I was able to get deeper into the muscles. I was able to identify myofacial  points within the clients upper trapezius on both their right and left, however predominantly on their right (this may be explained due to them being right handed). This time, I used the VAS score, along with other communication with the client to ensure I was on the myofacial point before applying pressure. Between each neuromuscular technique, I performed 1-2 minutes of efflurage in order to not cause too much pain. To finish, I performed 5 minutes of efflurage.

Areas for Improvement

Within this session, I found my self not being able to do as much petrissage and neuromuscular techniques as I has hoped, due to my thumbs aching. As well, when trying to explain to the client what happens physiologically during a neuromuscular technique, my knowledge was limited.

What can I do next?

  1. Use other body parts such as my knuckles to relive strain in my thumbs.
  2. Look into the physiology of neuromuscular techniques and practise saying these summaries to clients.


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