STYC01 Clinical Reflection 26/11/2018

This session was undertaken in the Marjon Sports Therapy Clinic for 1 hour. The client has issues with their tibialis anterior.

Reflective Summary

Before the client arrived, I put coach roll on the bed, washed my hands and organised the general work area. I checked for contraindications and allergies. Upon the arrival of the client, I observed the way they walked into clinic. It seemed that they were walking quite flat footed. During observation and palpation, I found that they had pain in their tibialis anterior. To begin the massage, I did 5 minutes of efflurage. Following this, I did some deeper petrissage work for 20 minutes, and to finish off, another 5 minutes of efflurage. After wiping the lotion off the client, I k-taped the tibialis anterior and explained how the k-tape works.

Areas for Improvement

Due to the tibialis anterior being a small area to treat. I found that, when massaging, I didn’t know how to prolong the treatment. I found the petrissage techniques I was using repetitive.

What can I do next?

  1. Professional conversation with the client, e.g. professionally explaining how long they can wear the k-tape for.
  2. Look into techniques for massaging the tibialis anterior.

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