STYC01 Clinical Reflection 04/02/2019

This was the second half of the open clinic session, and lasted for 1 hour. The client had mid back pain on their right hand side.

Reflective Summary

Whilst going through the consultation form, it became apparent that the clients pain in this area was constant throughout the day,  they hadn’t found any easing factors and they had the functional limitation of moving that area at all being painful. They stated that it began the day before this session in the afternoon. Upon observation, it became apparent that both the right shoulder and hip of the client was higher than the left. They experienced no pain on palpation across any  muscles in this area. Regarding treatment, the client received a massage on their entire back, using the techniques efflurage and petrissage.

Areas for Improvement

The client complained of their face being uncomfortable when lying on the bed.

What can I do next?

Offer the client a towel for their face when they are lying on the bed.

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