STYC01 Clinical Reflection 04/03/2019

This session was conducted in open clinic for one hour. The client had issues with tightness in their neck and shoulders.

Reflective Summary

After cleaning the work station, washing my hands, going through the consultation form and offering the client a choice of massage mediums, I began the treatment. This session consisted of a 20 minute soft tissue massage, including 5 minutes of efflurage, 10 minutes of petrissage and neuromuscular techniques, followed by another 5 minutes of efflurage. Then, soft tissue release of the upper trapezius. At the end of this session when re-assessing the range of movement, it was clear that it had improved.

Areas for Improvement

When doing a neuromuscular technique, I asked the client their VAS score, in which they only claimed it was at a 1/10. As such, I may have not been on the myofacial trigger point.

What can I do next?

Ensure I am on the myofacial trigger point before applying pressure.

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