STYC01 Clinical Reflection 11/02/2019

This was the second half of open clinic and lasted for 1 hour.

Reflective Summary

Within this session, the client came forth complaining of quadriceps pain due to cycling and climbing. As such, after going through the consolation form, clearing the joints above and below, observing, palpating and assessing the range of movement, it was clear that all other aspects of the client were ok, other than the muscular aches in their calf’s. I performed a soft tissue massage on the clients quadriceps, followed by the muscular energy technique PIR on the quadriceps.

Areas for Improvement

When stretching the lower limb, I often always opt for the muscular energy technique PIR.

What can I do next?

Begn to practise other stretching techniques such as reciprocal inhibition and soft tissue release more often.

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