STYC01 Clinical Reflection 02/04/2019

This session was conducted in the Marjon Sports Therapy Clinic for 1 hour. The client was complaining of pain surrounding their acromion-claviular joint and deltoids.

Reflective Summary

I made the work place look professional, put down coach roll and washed my hands. Firstly, I observed and palpated around the acrominon-clavicular joint, including the acromion process, the clavicle, the humerus, the bicipital groove, and the coracoid process, in which when palpating the joint itself, the client experienced some pain. Subsequently, I tested the clients range of movement of the shoulder (flexion, extension, adduction, abduction, elevation, depression, protraction and retraction). All of the range of movement within the clients shoulder was complete, and there was no pain when doing so. As such, to begin, I performed a soft tissue massage on the clients upper shoulder muscles including the rotator cuff muscles and the deltoids. However, ensuring I didn’t massage properly over the AC joint. Within the massage, I used the technique efflurage (5 minutes to warm up the muscles) and petrissage (predominantly kneading and wringing). Following this, I wiped the client from all of the lotion, and rigid taped the acromion-clavicular joint.

Areas for Improvement 

When taping the shoulder, it took me several attempts to get the tape looking neat.

What can I do next?

Practice cutting the tape and rounding off the edges in a neat way.

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