STYC01 Clinical Reflection 04/04/2019

This session was conducted in the Marjon Sports Therapy Clinic for my formative assessment.

Reflective Summary

Within this session, I treated a 3rd year, in order to gain an insight as to how I am professionally as a therapist. I ensured the work place was tidy and clean, I was wearing my Marjon t-shirt, put coach roll on the bed and tied my hair up. Upon arrival, we went through the consultation form. The client explained that they have a lot of tension in their shoulders due to being stressed with the amount of work they had to do. For treatment, I performed a soft tissue massage on the upper shoulders and neck, one side at a time. To begin, I did 5 minutes of efflurage, to warm the muscles up. Following this, I performed 10 minutes of petrissage, mainly using the technique ‘kneading’. Subsequently, I did some neuromuscular techniques along with some efflurage for 10 minutes. To finish, I did another 5 minutes of efflurage. When we finished, I told them to rest and drink plenty of water.

Areas for Improvement

The only bed left in the clinic was a broken one; the head section kept lowering down. To resolve this, I put a stool underneath that part of the bed to ensure it doesn’t move. This meant that I was unable to lower the bed, or put it higher.

What can I do next?

When possible, always try and use a fully functioning bed.

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