STYC01 Clinical Reflection 11/04/2019

This session was conducted in the Marjon Sports Therapy Clinic for one hour. The client had a painful lower back.

Reflective Summary

Primarily, I cleaned and tidied the work station, washed my hands and tied my hair up. Firstly, I observed the client as they walked in, to see if they had any abnormalities within their walking/their general posture. I checked for any contraindications and allergies. Upon observation and palpation of the muscles of the lower back, the spine, the illiac crest, and general posture, it was apparent that the client had a slightly over lordosis of their lumbar spine, causing their aches and pains. I tested the clients range of movement for the spine (flexion extension and side flexion), as well as the range of movement in their hip, in which for both joints, they had a complete range of movement for every movement. Following this, I gave the client as soft tissue massage, including the techniques efflurage and petrissage (mainly kneading). Subsequently, I wiped the clients back to remove all of the oils, and then K-Taped the lower back.

Areas for Improvement 

The positioning for the client regarding the application of the K-Tape was uncomfortable.

What can I next?

Practise K-Taping this area to ensure I do this quickly and efficiently.

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