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Marjon APA referencing guidance

This recourse is extremely useful for all of my assignments. When referencing, this guides me through how to create in-text citations, a reference list at the end, how to reference with multiple authors and so much more. This resource also offers examples of references, to allow you to compare your reference to theirs. It it organised into sections to allow you to find what you are looking for easily. This source has definitely improved and aided my academic work, regarding ensuring my references are always in the correct format.


The Academic Phrase Bank 

This resource allows you to find a more academic of saying whatever it is that you are trying to say. It gives you a number of phrases you can use, for instance, to open an introduction or begin a new paragraph. Or, the opening to a concluding, overall point you are trying to make within your work. This resource has aided the quality of my academic work, in that it allows it to have a more professional tone, and decreases the amount you will repeat yourself.

Physio Tutors

This resource offers high quality academic work relating to Physiotherapy and, in turn, Sports Therapy. They produce videos, blog posts on recent research, online courses and many other general professional tools. One element that has aided my academic work in particular, is the videos they have produced on each joint assessment. These videos allow me revise therapist positioning, client positioning and the general sequence of every joint assessment, aiding my academic studies.

Marjon Sports Rehabilitation

This resource offers detailed information regarding our course content for Sports Therapy, produced by our own lecturers. This resource produces blog posts, anatomy videos, joint assessment videos, reflective practise documents, clinical assessment tools and much more. This has aided my academic progress, through being able to revise the course content through resources made by the lecturers themselves,  ensuring I am revising the correct information.


This recourse offers to look over your work, regarding spelling, punctuation, grammar and referencing before submitting it. This helps my academic work, in that if there are any issues with my work, I am able to amend them before submitting them officially. This ensures my grades don’t drop due to these elements.

IT Training and Support Panopto Videos

This resource uploads videos of how to do things IT related on our course. For instance, how to produce an A1 poster, how to create all kinds of graphs and charts and how to calculate standard deviation. This has enhanced me academically as it provides simple, step by step instructions of how to do complicated things IT related on our course, ensuring I get them correct, and therefore do not put my academic grades at stake.

eLearning & TEL Help

This resource offers help regarding Edublogs, Social Media, Turnitin, Mendelay, Learning Space and much more. This has aided me academically, through being able to view videos and other documents on how to create your edublog, create drop down menus, blog posts, insert hyperlinks and any other information you may require when setting up and using your edublog. This has aided me academically, through allowing me to create a more professional looking website, and through taking me through simple step by step tutorials of things I have found difficult. Regarding Turnitin, this enhances me academically, through ensuring all of my questions are simply answered on one resource, and ensuring I don’t make any mistakes when submitting official hand-ins. ELearning & TEL Help is a very holistically useful tool.

Student Information Handbook

This resource provides all the information you need regarding the library, deadlines, who to talk to (about anything), referencing, and so much more. This helps me academically as it is a quick tool I can refer to with (pretty much) any question I might have, before having to ask a member of staff. It is quick and easy to use and find, and is therefore extremely convenient if I’m in a rush.

Google Scholar

This resource allows me to find research and references that are highly reliable in a quick and efficient way.

Marjon Disovery

This resource allows me to find research and references quickly and reliably online. This helps me academically as it provides a quick and easy way of finding the research you are looking for. Also, it gives students access to papers that general members of the public wouldn’t be able to view.

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