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The Muscle Clinic

This website/blog inspires me professionally due to its aesthetic home page, and eye catching blog post on ‘the different types of massage’ and ‘the art of massage’.

Massage Physio

This website inspires me due to the clinical colour scheme, immediately making you feel as though you are looking into a trustworthy and highly ranked business.

DW Sports Massage

This website/blog inspires me due to the interesting and relatable topics it advertises on the front page such as ‘tension headaches’ and ‘exercise and depression’.

The Sporting Joint

This website inspires me due to the relatable question the website immediately pops up with, relating to the common problem of women having a weak pelvic floor. This is a topic not commonly recognised as considered important. This also shows that Sports Therapists can do more than rehabilitate injuries.

Maximises Sports Therapy

This website inspires me due to the clear layout and menu section, making it easy for customers to book a session and access all the information they need.

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