In this first session, I spent 45 minutes massaging my client in the Marjon Sports Therapy Clinic. I treated the individuals hamstrings as this is where they are experiencing pain.

Reflective Summary

Before my client arrived, I set up the bed with coach roll, washed my hands and ensured the area looked professional. Upon palpation the client’s hamstrings felt tight and tender. Before beginning the massage, I checked for any contraindications and allergies to any of the lotions. Using the technique effleurage, I warmed the hamstrings and calf muscles for around 5 minutes. Following this, I used petrissage techniques, such as kneading and wringing in order to get deeper into the tissue for around 15 minutes. To finish, I performed another 5 minutes of effleurage. This was then repeated on the other leg.

Areas for Improvement

Due to this being my first out-of-lesson massage, I was very nervous, and forgot the other petrissage technique ‘lifting’. On top of this, I was also unsure if, during petrissage, I was using enough pressure.

 What can I do next?

  1. Recap the techniques effleurage and petrissage in detail to ensure I know all the methods of applying these techniques.
  2. Within my next massage, ask the client for feedback throughout the massage regarding the pressure, to ensure I am applying the right amount.

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