03/12/2019 1.5 hours

This session took place court side to the Plymouth Raiders practise session.

At this session, the head sports therapist was also present. At the beginning of the session, I delivered the warm-up as per usual and received some feedback from the head sports therapist. He explained that I was very enthusiastic and engaging and do a good job at making the players pay attention and preventing procrastination. However, he also stated that I could improve my coaching techniques, through giving more technique adjustments such as ‘keep your bums down’ in plank position. I found this very useful and I am looking forward to applying it next session. During practise, one of the players fell to the floor after injuring his groin. The head therapist and I ran over, he spoke to the player to calm him down and I ran to the clinic to get ice. Upon my return, we managed to get him up off of the floor and to sit on the bench. During this time, I was mainly observing the way the lead therapist dealt with this situation, having never come across a groin injury before, and took instruction from him. During this time, I felt I learned a lot to do with the way to handle players in significant pain when on the court, and how to aid them recovering from their shock.

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