11/11/2019 2 hours

This session took place court side to the Plymouth Raiders practise session.

To begin, I took the warmup, this time ensuring I used enthusiastic language and had an upbeat tone of voice. The players seemed more engaged and seemed to perform each exercise with more effort. Throughout this session, whilst I was watching all players, I was keeping a close eye on the player who was training but had not yet fully completed his return to play (this was approved by the head sports therapist). I ensured his ankle supports were on tight enough before he began, to reduce the risk of injury (Margarita, Dizon & Reyes, 2009). Also, within this session one player got a cut on his shoulder, to which I pulled him to the side, cleaned it and applied imperium jelly to stop it from bleeding. This was my first experience doing anything first-aid related in a real setting. I felt uncomfortable pulling the player, thinking that they thought it was silly to do anything about a small cut. However, after speaking to the head sports therapist, he explained I did the right thing. Next time I am needed to do anything first aid related, I am going to attempt to do so with confidence to aid my speed and efficiency when applying what is needed to the player.



Dizon, J., & Reyes, J. (2010). A systematic review on the effectiveness of external ankle supports in the prevention of inversion ankle sprains among elite and recreational players. Journal Of Science And Medicine In Sport, 13(3), 309-317.

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