15/11/2019 2 hours

This session took place court side to the Plymouth Raiders practise session. At the beginning of this session I carried out the warm-up. Now that I had done this quite a few times, I was feeling a lot more confident in delivering it. This time, due to the fact delivering the warm-up has become thoughtless, I was able to add in more coaching, aiding correct technique. Following this, I watched over the player who had recently completed their return to play for their knee injury do his prehabiliation. The player seemed confident in what they were doing, so at this point I didn’t have much input. During this session, one player described a cramping like pain in their calf, so I stretched out the gastrocnemius and soleus court side. This player was a player I hadn’t yet dealt with much, so it felt nice to know that they had trust in me, and it seems as though this has allowed us to build a good rapport. I felt as though treating the player court side was done so efficiently, making me feel more confident in myself as a therapist.

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