19/11/2019 2.5 hours

This session took place court side to the Plymouth Raiders basketball practise session, followed by their strength and conditioning session. The head sports therapist suggested to the student therapists to begin the warm-up as close to the starting time of the session as possible. Previously, I had been waiting for the head coach to tell the players to ‘grab a band’ (meaning we are about to begin the warm-up). However, instead, it was suggested that we do this instead, as it is our job. As well, upon observing another therapist conduct the warm-up, I noticed that they lay out the bands in the starting positions on the side lines, as opposed to handing them out to each player at the beginning. So, I laid out the bands on either side-line, and when it turned 9.30am, I asked the head coach if I should go ahead and begin the warm-up, to which he said yes. Beginning practise like this seemed to work well, and it felt as though it gave me more of a status to the players, who I sometimes feel like are unsure whether to trust us students. During practise, I kept a close eye on all players, trying my best to ensure I would witness the mechanism of injury if one were to occur. Following practise, I went to the strength and conditioning session. I spent this session leading one station, timing players and correcting technique.

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