28/10/2019 2 hours

This session took place at the Marjon Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation Clinic for 2 hours.

Within this session, I treated 3 players as a form of after care form their game on the weekend. All 3 players were looking for a lower limb massage, focusing on their quads, hamstrings and calves. Each player had a different pain threshold, and/or tighter muscles in these areas. As such, I had to adapt the amount of pressure I was applying to each player as well to each muscle group. One player seemed to either have an extremely high pain threshold, and was constantly asking me to apply more pressure, despite the fact I was already applying as much as I believed was physically possible for myself. I was unsure of any other ways I could apply more pressure to allow him to feel as though he was gaining something from the treatment. So, before my next massage with this player, I am going to undergo some research and also ask for tips from his main Sports Rehabilitator.

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