28/11/2019 1 hour

This session took place in the Marjon Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation Clinic.

Within this session, I went through a player’s rehabilitation with them for their patella tendinopathy due to their lack of motivation they are currently experiencing. So, within this session, whilst the player already knows what he is doing, I decided to make it more instructional, telling him what exercise to do and when with a demonstration. To aid motivation, I counted through the reps, and used motivational language such as ‘nearly there’ and ‘you’re doing good’ to aid his performance and to increase his motivation. Whilst doing the rehabilitation, the player seemed to enjoy himself and explained afterwards that he much prefers doing his rehabilitation in this kind of setting, with an instructor. It felt nice to feel wanted and needed by a player, and to get some positive feedback. Throughout the weeks, I am definitely creating more of a rapport with the players, and they are truly beginning to put their trust into me, allowing me to do more as a therapist and to have more trust in myself.

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