07/02/2020 1.5 hours

This session took place court side to the Plymouth Raiders practise session.

Prior to the warm-up, I ran through a players prehabilitation for a proximal hamstring injury, ensuring he was doing every exercise correctly and using motivational language. The head sports therapist told us to research the prehab exercises prior to the session to ensure we know them, and if we had any questions to ask him. Following this, myself and another student therapist ran the warm-up. When there are 2 therapists I feel as though the warm-up is more energetic, as we can work as a team to give more input to every player. During this session, one player who usually has problems with their ankle left the court to sit on the bench. The other therapist and I approached him to ask if he was ok, to which he said his ankles were aching. Due to this player being one of the most valued on the team, he usually deals with the head sports therapist. So, he explained that he was fine and that he will let Elliot know anyway, even though he is sure he is absolutely fine. Sometimes it can feel quite disheartening when players would rather speak to the head sports therapist, but, in this case when it is a player that we have had for years and who is one of the most valued, it is understandable. This is something I must not let knock my confidence.

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