08/01/20 1.5 hours

This session took place court side to the Plymouth Raiders practise session.

Considering this was the first session back in the new year, the therapists decided to create a new warm-up to keep the players engaged and to avoid repetition creating boredom. So, at the beginning of the session, I lead the new warm up with another student sports therapist. The warm-up is supposed to take around 10 minutes, however due to the fact we have to explain everything slightly more, it took a bit longer. Included in the new warm up is a command drill that is quite difficult to explain, and it took the players a while to get their heads around it. This section really slowed down the pace of the warm-up. The players seemed to not be enjoying the new warm-up, but for the time being we carried on being enthusiastic and decided to re-evaluate later on. During practise, we ran through scenarios and explained what we would do if the incident was to occur.

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