13/02/2020 1.5 hours

This session took place court side to the Plymouth Radiers practise session.

To begin, I spoke to a player who has recently been given his rehabilitation for his thumb to ask how he is getting on and whether he had any questions. Following this, I conducted the warm-up, this time, without the second exercise we usually do, as this is the exercise the players were complaining off. This was firstly discussed and confirmed with the head sports therapist. Following the warm-up, the players stated that they preferred this version of it, as it is shorter but they still feel warm and ready to play. Within this session, the player who had recently hurt his thumb went through his rehabilitation, allowing me to put the programme I had been emailed into a real life setting. Helping players with their rehabilitation is my favourite thing to do, as I believe it is the most important element of being a sports therapist.

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