16/01/2020 2.5 hours

This session took place court side to the Plymouth Raiders practise session. In the final hour, it took place at the Raiders Strength and Conditioning session.

To begin, I undertook the warm-up with the head sports therapist watching over me, ensuring it was done correctly before making any changes due to the players claiming that they don’t like it. I ensured I used enthusiastic language and gave coaching tips to keep the players engaged. Following the warm-up, the head sports therapist said I had done it the way that he would have, and therefore we shall make adaptations soon. During practise, I observed the head sports therapist go through a players rehabilitation following a shoulder dislocation. The head therapist was looking to see if the player was competent enough to progress to the next stage of rehabilitation. Through watching this, I picked up some useful tips regarding talking to injured players. It was obvious that the player was nervous to try new exercises due to the fear of injuring his shoulder again. So, the head therapist regressed the exercises he wanted the player to do, before then progressing him a few minutes later, to prove to the player that he can do it. As well, I learnt how players are often interested in what each exercise is exactly targeting. So, I was able to take from this observation how much detail is sufficient to keep players in the know and happy. Following practise, I went to the strength and conditioning session. Within this session, I was given instruction to stay on one station to do timings and to give coaching techniques as well as motivating players to progress where I think they can or regress if it seems too hard.

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