17/12/2019 1.5 hours

This session took place court side to the Plymouth Raiders practise session.

To begin, I conducted the warm-up. Today, it seemed that the players were otherwise engaged and weren’t concentrating on what they had to do. The team has recently been going through a losing streak, so I believe the team is currently quite low energy. So, during the warm-up I decided to be extra enthusiastic to be that positive energy that the players all need to uplift them. During practise, the player who had previously complained of glute pain came forth again. This time, he explained that he did have some lower back pain and some tingling going down his hamstring. As these symptoms suggest it could be something neurological, the player was pulled from practise. I went through an initial neurological examination court side, assessing his myotomes and dermatomes, and palpating on his spine to see if there was anywhere that could recreate the symptoms. Upon examination, his myotomes and dermatomes seemed normal, and there was nowhere on the spine that recreated any symptoms. Having not get done the spinal module, I was unaware of any special tests we had to perform to check for any neurological problems, so I sent the player to the head sports therapist for further examination. I felt quite confident in delivering the neurological examination, however it look me a few minutes to jog my memory of the dermatomes. Whilst conducting assessments courtside, I often feel quite under pressure as you have no time for preparation like you do when athletes book appointments in the clinic. So, this is where us therapists need to ensure we uphold enough knowledge. As well, I also feel pressurised due to the fact the coaches and other players are witnessing the assessment.

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