20/12/2019 1.5 hours

This session took place court side to the Plymouth Raiders practise session.

To begin, I spoke to the player with an injured shoulder to ask how he was getting on with his rehab. He explained that he is already feeling less pain but thinks he is going to struggle with having confidence in using this shoulder. This is something I am going to pass onto the head sports therapist to ensure psychological considerations are taking into account with this player. At the time, I reassured him that we as a team would not let him play if he wasn’t fit enough, and that the head sports therapist is continuously staying on top of all of the latest papers to ensure his knowledge is up to date. This seemed to boost the players confidence already. Following this, I got the court ready for the warm-up, and then delivered it. The players seemed to have a lot of energy today, however, were putting it into talking to one another as opposed to listening to instruction. So, throughout the warm-up I became more assertive to ensure the warm-up was getting done correctly and more efficiently. This is the first time I’ve had to be more assertive with the team, and as they are all tall males, this is something I typically found quite intimidating. Being a female in men’s sport is something I was warned of, however today was one of the first times I’ve felt anxious about this.

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