28/01/2020 3 hours

This session took place court side to the Plymouth Raiders practise session. In the final hour, it took place at their strength and conditioning session.

To begin, I undertook the warm-up to raise the players energy levels. During the session, one player came over complaining of ‘cramp’ in their hamstrings. So, I stretched out his hamstrings court side before he went back on to play. This time when conducting this, I was much more confident, given that I have now had quite a bit of experience doing so. Following this, I went to the strength and conditioning session. This session was on injury prevention and therefore I found this very interesting, and I was able to have more input. As the players know I am on the Sports Therapy/Rehabilitation course, during the session they asked me a few injury specific questions regarding the exercises they were given to do. I found this useful for revision and to put my knowledge into practise in a real world setting.

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