30/12/2019 1.5 hours

This session took place court side to the Plymouth Raiders practise session.

As always, to begin, we conducted the warm-up. Since this was the first session back after Christmas, the players seemed to bring a new, more enthusiastic energy to the court. Whilst watching court side, the other therapist and I again went through a number of different scenarios that could happen when court side, to test our knowledge and confidence as therapists. As well, one player dunked the ball and then fell onto the floor, lying on the front. As the player wasn’t moving, and was lying very still on the ground, both the other therapist and I ran over to him. However, once we got there and I began to ask if he was ok, he stood up and proceeded to play the game. This situation was very worrying, as we were both concerned that he may have had a spinal injury, due to the fact he wasn’t moving and was lying down very still. However, it seems the player was more in shock, however brought himself back around in his own head to be able to continue practising. This player in particular seems very head strong. So, if this were to be another player, they may have needed more input from myself to aid the reduction of their shock. After practise, I asked the player if they had any pain anywhere, to which they said no and clarified that it was simply shock that made them not move from the ground. Before the next session, I am going to go over how to speak to players in an emergency setting to ensure I can aid the reduction of their shock from injury.

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