05/03/2020 1.5 hours

This session took place court side to the Plymouth Raiders practise session.

To begin, I brought an ultrasound machine down from the clinic and set it up court side ready for a player to have ultrasound treatment post practise on their Achilles following excessive load they had exposed it to. Following this, I conducted the warm-up ensuring I was enthusiastic and attentive to the players. At the end of practise, I called the player over who needed their ultrasound, set up the machine and went ahead. I was quite nervous treating this player, as he is one of the most valuable on the team. When giving the ultrasound, the machine kept beeping (meaning the head wasn’t touching the skin). However, I realised this is because the width of the Achilles was smaller than the width of the ultrasound head when going over a certain area. At first, it made me feel quite embarrassed due to the fact other players were stood around near me. I ensured that player who I was treating that it was ok and why this was happening. Once I realised why it was happening, I was able to make the beeping stop. Considering it went slightly wrong, I am quite nervous for when I have to do this at the next practise.

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