10/03/2020 1 hour

This session took place in the Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation clinic.

In this session, I was treating the player who I had recently given glute rehabilitation to alleviate some pain he is experiencing in his back (that is occurring due to him using his back instead of his glutes, because his glutes are in pain). So, I gave the player a soft tissue massage to his lower back. Following this, I did soft tissue release on his glutes to again, relieve some pain. As I have been working with this client quite consistently, we have built up quite a rapport and I feel very comfortable working with him. This player is very interested in why certain pain has occurred, as he keeps getting referred pain, he is very confused. So, during this session I was able to explain to him what exactly was happening, explaining what referred pain is referencing the kinetic chain. This seemed to calm his anxiety about his injuries. This session taught me that especially in non-linear injuries, like this one, it is best to keep the client knowledgeable of what is going on their body, rather than just giving them their rehabilitation and giving them treatment. If you don’t give the players the knowledge, this could cause the player to loose confident in your abilities as a therapist, as you keep changing where and how you treat the player.

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