11/03/2020 2.5 hours

This session took place court side to the Plymouth Raiders practise session. The final hour took place at their strength and conditioning session.

To begin, I conducted the warm-up. Following this, one player explained that their hamstrings still felt tight, so, pitch side, I stretched them before the player went onto the court. At the end of practise, one player asked me to get them some ice for their knees, and said he was going to discuss his problems with the head sports therapist. In the final hour in strength and conditioning, I helped deliver the session through demonstrating exercises and giving coaching tips. As well as this, I also observed the assessment the head sports therapist carried out with the player who had knee pain. I always find it useful to watch the head sports therapist conduct assessments and treatments, as he always offered the newest way of doing things/the newest information due to the fact he always stays on top of the literature.

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