01/11/2020 4

Before the game, we gave a few players a pre-event massage. During the game, one player went down after getting hit in the face. We ran on and after assessing that everything was ok, we walked her off the pitch. As we were walking off her nose began to bleed heavily. We wrapped up a bandage for her to put up her nose and helped clean her up. When we got her off the pitch, we did a mini concussion assessment to check she didn’t have any symptoms, to which she was fine. I feel quite confident in dealing with head injuries after dealing with so many last year. Also during the game, 2 players had a collision and one player went down. We had to run onto the pitch and assess the severity of the situation, to which we agreed it was bruising to the thigh. We took the player off and gave them ice. After the game, we went through the assessments of some injuries for players who got injured during the match but didn’t come off. We kept the assessments simple as we had to wait 24 hours for a proper assessment so we told them we would do this on Tuesday. But we gave the advice of PEACE and LOVE until then.

Throughout the season I can feel myself becoming more and more confident with pitch-side work. Although, a lot of the emergency trauma we have to tend to are often very acute, so it would be interesting to see how I would be in a more severe situation. Obviously, they are very rare, but I am still going to revise what to do in the most severe cases for in case one was to come about, as I feel like I am lacking practise in this area.


03/11/2020 2

At this training session, we went through a few different rehabilitation programs with a few different players. To begin, we went through some more late stage ACL exercises. I was asked to come up with some sport specific drills which is something I thought I would usually struggle with however I got some good feedback which made me feel good. As football is such a huge sport and so many people so know much about it, I sometimes feel like if I suggest any sport specific drills they wont be suitable. However, it was proven today that my knowledge is adequate and that you don’t have to know the sport inside-out to be able to prescribe sport specific drills. For sports less popular, I don’t usually have this anxiety, it was only during Football. This showed me that this anxiety was irrational and that I again, need to trust myself more. After this, we went through some agility based rehabilitation for the player with an adductor strain. I suggested we use some of the exercises from the Aspetar program I had learned about earlier in the year.

Considering the team have been having many of the same type of injuries, I have become very confident at dealing with quads, hamstrings, adductors and calves. However, I definitely need to brush up on my knowledge of upper body injuries and rehabilitation for them, as this is something I don’t encounter much at Argyle or in clinic.

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