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09/05/2019 (Clinical Hours)
First patient for the day was a 22 year old rugby player recovering from a grade II Hamstring tear that occured 9/52.  His recovery is going very well as he is keeping strict to his home exercise protocol. Upon palpation there was no Px or irritation (More)
07/05/2019 (Clinical Hours)
First patient of the day was a woman in her late thirties complaining of aches/tightness in the inferior portion of the calves. They  ache first thing in the morning. Foam rolling eliviates the symptoms for the short term. When observing the wear and (More)
02/05/2019 (Clinical Hours)
My first patient for the day was an mateur level rugby player in his early 20s with a diagnosed Grade 2 Hamstring tear 2/12. Staric & Dynamic gait analysis were their proper levels. The FIFA 11+ Dynamic testing was +ve 5/10, singnificantly inprov (More)
30.04.2019 (Clinical Hours)
The day began with session re-evaluations of the 1st year students from last week. I t was very rewarding for both sides- from their behalf to be able to see what areas in their STM treatment session they had to add further focus, and on my behalf fo (More)
29.04.2019 (Clinical Hours)
During shadowing hours I encountered for the first time a condition known as condromalacia. I had never heard of it before . It is ocassionally synonymous with PFP due to its symptoms similiarity (Khazaeli, 2015). Primary advice for the patient was d (More)
25.04.2019 (Clinical Hours)
On this day I was scheduled to do assessment evaluations of 1st years performing a clinical assessment for soft tissue therapy. I did altogether 4 evaluations in the span on 3 hours in which all of the 1st years passed with an average marking criteri (More)
24.04.2019 (Clinical Hours)
Today in the clinic a re-visiting patient came with complaints of upper trap and upper latissimus dorsi tightness (proximal to humeral insertion point). The session began with light effleurage to hard kneading techiques to breakdown the laten trigger (More)
11.04.2019. (Clinical Hours)
Male, 64 y.o., Bbilateral LBP (Shadowing Lloyd) L Px occured 4 years ago after falling on his back during a boating activity. R Px occured after using axe to chop wood. Hurts when getting up after sitting for a long period. Hot showers and compressi (More)
10.04.2019. (First Official Day of Clinical Placement)
Male, 47 y.o., complains of Px in the knee when running uphill  (Shadowing Mike Prynn) Within three running sessions the patient's knee pain had increases from 4/10 to 7/10. In all cases the Px was sudden and remained underneath the patellar tendon. (More)
04.04.2019 (Clinical Hours) During this session we performed a progression routine from an isometric to more of an isotonic training routine. There was still p.o.p. but not when performing functional exercises. All three (More)
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