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20.06.2019 (Clinicla Hours)
First patient was a female amateur mid-distance runner complaining of inconsistent left lateral knee pain transferring down the calf muscle. All functional tests and special tests, meniscal and patellar-based, were negative. There was even no pain or (More)
18/06/2019 (Clinical Hours)
First patient of the day was a female construction worker in her late 40s with upper limb weakness and prior left shoulder Impingement Symptoms. After scoring negative on the Hawkins/Kennedy, Empty/Full Can, Neer, Speeds and the Painful Arc Test her (More)
11/06/2019 (Clinical Hours)
First patient of the day was an amateur long-distance runner (half-marathons) in his late 40s. He requested for a massage on his Hamstrings and Calves. After applying soft tissue massage for the first two-thirds of the session, the last 15 minutes we (More)
04/06/2019 (Clinical Hours)
First patient of the day complained of pain in the plantar posterior-medial portion of the left foot. After conducting the Dynamic walking gait test and palpation onto the area, it was identified that the pain issues have been caused due to plantarfa (More)
First patient of the day had pain inferiorly to the medial malleolus of his lef foot. It is a football-specific injury that occured two weeks ago. Swelling has gone down since. He is capable to fully weight-bear, but there is still pain occuring in A (More)
30/05/2019 (Clinical Hours)
The day began with a follow-up female patient complaining of left upper trapezius tightness and bilateral forearm niggling. We performed a ULTT A, C and D along with C6, C7, C8 Dermatome tests to clear any neurological issues that could have come int (More)
23/05/2019 (Clinical Hours)
Today's only session was a follow-up from last week. This is the same patient that exhibited unilateral discogenic and scietic pain. Ony from stepping into the clinic it was clear that his condition had vastly improved. His dynamic gait was no longer (More)
21/05/2019 (Clinical Hours)
In the first session I assisted one of my supervisors in applying pre-eventive massage for a female marathon runner. We worked purely on her lower limbs with low pressure of application and moderate speed. This type of massage performed a couple of d (More)
14 & 15/05/2019 (Clinical Hours)
On both days I joined Francisco and shared treatment responsibilities for his patients. The sole patient for Thursday was a 65 year old woman that had suffered lower limb paralysis three years ago. Her subjective re-evaluation invlolved performing (More)
09/05/2019 (Clinical Hours)
First patient for the day was a 22 year old rugby player recovering from a grade II Hamstring tear that occured 9/52.  His recovery is going very well as he is keeping strict to his home exercise protocol. Upon palpation there was no Px or irritation (More)
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