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Sheets for placment // 4 in total
Student Log of Placement Attendance 2018_19 (3) Check (More)
Response Team - Charles Cross 3rd May
For one of our lasts placements we were asked to got out on response with the Charles Cross team. There section of Plymouth is mainly the city centre. I was met by Sergeant Green at the front of the building who escorted me to there briefing room. I (More)
Group Meeting City Insight - 3rd April
Today we were set up in a group meeting with 9 detectives and the chief. Also some police workers who helpw ith crime rates and prevention schemes. Upon arrival at Crownhill we were greeted by Heather at the front door who escorted us up to the me (More)
PC Smith - Sexual Offences Case - 20th March
I was partnered up with PC Smith for 5 hours. He was working on a sexual offences case with minors and an 18 year old. The case was very complex and was proving hard to catch him for anything because there was only allegations against him and no evid (More)
International Womens Day - 8th March
I was so happy to be involved in this special day as all women in my life mean so much to me. I went along with my course mate Beth as volunteers to help out  at this convention. It was located in the Exeter at the fire station. Our roles for the day (More)
Neighbourhood with Sergant Dave Thatcher - 6th March
Today has hands down been the best part of the placement so far. Today actually linked into my first placement which was with Inspector Nick Lindsey. It was about the suicide car park near Derriford A&E and Glanville mental hospital. I was partne (More)
Think tank sex hate cirme -27th Febuary
Open arrival at Charles cross we were greeted by a lady on reception who told us to wait whilst she went and grabbed the people we were having a think tank with. We were all a little confused as we all have a pass to get us in and out of the building (More)
Think Tank Drugs - 15th Febuary
Today, we had a 2 hour slot with an Inspector who has mainly worked in drugs for the 20 years. Upon arrival we met with students from Plymouth University outside Charles Cross, who have been doing the volunteer project for a few months longer then us (More)
Custody Insight - 10th Febuary
Our custody insight was based at Charles Cross. On arrival we were greeted by a male officer who escorted us through to the custody suite. We were introduced to one of the men in charge for that day and he kindly showed us round. He showed us how cus (More)
The Problem Solvers - 5th Febuary
Today I had been set up with the ‘problem solvers’ who work along side Inspector Nick. Their job role is to look at crime rates around Plymouth and look into where and why they either go up or down. How they can decrease these problems and to look at (More)
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