New Scripts

This week, Kate bought in a local playwright Chris Savery and we got to read through a brand new play of his. I found this very exciting but also nerve-wracking as he was trusting us with being the first people to read aloud his new play. I really enjoyed taking part in this and getting the chance to talk to a local playwright about his experiences in the industry.

This was a brand new experience for me and it made me realise how much I do enjoy acting and the industry as I have lost a lot of my passion for the form recently. The opportunity to read a new play for me, was a great one and I would love the chance to be able to experience this again in the future. I was also inspired by this as for my assessment I knew that I wanted to do something I had never heard of before rather than a play I was familiar with. I think this is because I enjoyed discovering a brand new play and felt more invested in it and I want it to be the same feeling for whatever I do for my assessment.

As the assessment is getting closer, I am going to start looking at what plays I can do and who I want to work with. I plan to be organised with this in the next couple of weeks so that I have time before the assessment and not stress myself out too close to the date.

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