Sometimes you just need 24 hours in a beautiful place to recharge your batteries!

I believe it is so important to have ‘you’ time, it can work wonders for your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. Studies have proven it is essential to take time to relax, it can help you to achieve more in the long run. Making more time to recharge was a point I suggested in my personal development plan to help me focus and achieve with my studies and reduce stress.

So, with the busy Christmas period over, juggling work, a social life, completing a couple of essay’s at the beginning of the month and having two children under the age of 5 ‘me’ time doesn’t happen very often, so I decided to book a last-minute night away. Midweek, I logged online and booked a night away in the Cadbury Hilton hotel in Bristol for the following Saturday. It can be difficult to always find the time to recharge, however, it can have such a huge impact on other aspects of your life. I chose the Cadbury Hilton hotel as it had a spa and the scenery looked beautiful…It was just what I needed.

I arranged for the children to have a night with their grandparents, packed my bag and headed up early Saturday so I could make full use of the facilities and enjoy 24 hours of pure bliss.
The hotel and spa were beautiful, there was an outdoor hot tub and a relaxation room, I had no time limit or phone (whilst in the spa) and could shut off from the outside world. When I returned home the next day, I felt a lot better in myself, I felt more relaxed and ready to tackle the week ahead. Everyone’s lives can get hectic, sometimes it can become overwhelming, but I would highly recommend taking a bit of time out to do something you enjoy; whether that is a night away, time with friends, exercising or a lazy day in bed watching films.
If a spa day is something you find relaxing, I highly recommend visiting the Cadbury Hilton hotel, you wouldn’t be disappointed. I’ve uploaded some photo’s I took whilst I was away to show the beautiful scenery at the hotel.

Corinne Eveleigh








Further reading on the importance of relaxation.

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  1. That looks amazing. Some good advice as you said finding ‘me’ time can be very difficult in our ever busy lives. It can give you back a bit of bounce and renewed vigour. Thank you for sharing the super pictures too.

  2. wow, this looks beautiful. it is very important to find ‘me time’ but it can prove difficult in our lives with everything we seem to juggle…. thank you for sharing your experiences

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