Female, 35 year old, Ultra marathon runner student.

The client came into the clinic today with tightness in her shoulder.  The client runs long distances and competes in ultra-marathons.

On observation the client her upper body displayed very little muscle or fat and the body. Due to the requirements ultra-marathon people who compete tend to burn fat. There was no PoP on both traps, shoulders and on the rotator cuff muscles, but a tightness present in bothe deltoids. There was no bruising or swelling on her body.

Both the cervical spine and the elbow was cleared and the client did not experience any pain or symptoms in both. Passive mvt was tested in the GHJ in Fl, Ext, Abd, Add,Ir, Er, Horiz adb/ad, El, Dep, Prot and Ret and the client had full ROM in all of these movements.

The same mvt’s were tested in passive and again the client did not experience any pain or symptoms, there was no abnormalities in the end feel.

Resisted mvt’s were tested using the oxford pain scale and the client scored a 5 out of 5 in all the above mvts

The client was tested with the

Speed test (negative)

Neer’s impingement test (negative)

Lift off test (negative)

Hawkins kennedy’s test (negative)

Empty and full can test (negative)


The treatment given was a sports massage to the shoulder and the surrounding musles. It started with light effleurage, followed by petrissage techniques e.g. Kneading, wringing, picking up’s and open C’s. Muscle Energy Teknik’s (MET), Neuro Muscular Technique and Soft Tissue Release for the glutes and MET’s was used on certain trigger points

25/04/19 Ultra marathon runner

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