Before the start of the day I felt excited to be able to get more experience in sports taping and apply the new stretching methods that I was shown yesterday.

The day started busier today with most of the team wanting stretching and taping from the start. I noticed that a few of the athletes were performing static stretching in the warmup prior to going on the track.  (Yamaguchi & Ishii, 2005) Found in their study that holding a static lower limb stretch of thirty seconds, had no change in the leg extension power, however dynamic stretching proved to improve the extension power of the leg. Holding a static stretch for thirty seconds once a day can improve ROM, as much as holding the stretch for any amount of time longer and more frequent than once a day (Bandy, Irion & Briggler, 1997). Because of this I was able to demonstrate certain dynamic stretches for them to perform pre track, that mimic the movements of their sport and gave them advice to perform the static stretches for thirty to sixty seconds post track run. (“Dynamic Stretching: Benefits, When to Use, Examples, and More”, 2020).

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) stretching was used on several patients to increase their ROM. PNF stretches can be used to increase the flexibility and strength of a muscle, because of the contraction (“What is PNF Stretching? – InSync Physiotherapy”, 2020). I was able to get more hands-on experience in sports taping and using Kinesiology Tape. I finished the working day with sports massages, mainly to the athlete’s quadriceps.

I am happy with how the day went and I believe that I was tested and was able to give advice and share my knowledge of preventing injuries. If I could go back and change anything, I would spend less time on certain sports massages and work on my time management.




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