Today was the day of the competition and therefore I spent most the day at briefings, setting up the track and preparing the athletes. The majority of the athletes required stretching and sports massage in the morning. I was able to perform static stretches and head them for 60 seconds each time, because the competition was a few hours away. Taping experience really came into place today with many of the athletes wanting taping as support to their injuries. One client wanted taping to stop the patella mis-tracking  laterally, I did this by applying a 70 percent stretch to the K tape and applied a strip lateral to the patella and I applied a strip with only 15 percent stretch on the medially border. The patient stated that he experienced less pain when this was done.

Our team won the competition and I was approached by several athletes and trainers who thanked me for my services.

I have exchanged details with all the athletes and I am in the plaining of opening up my own clinic post graduation.



Competition day

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