My main aim of today was to work on my time keeping when treating my patients. Because of the amount of athletes to rehabilitates, I am only able to set a certain amount of time for each of the clients.


One of the injuries I treated today was golfers elbow. The client had pain around the medial epicondyle on his right arm. On palpation of the arm the client had stiffness and pain along his flexors of the fore arm and on the medial epicondyle. The patient said that he had just completed a charity golf competition the week before and that he had increase the time playing over the last month. The pain started around 6 days ago with no significant reason.

The patient appeared to be suffering from golfers elbow, a overused injury from repetitive use of the flexor muscles in the for arm, where the flexor tendon becomes inflamed. I advised the patient to rest the injury, ice it and compress to reduce the inflammation.  When the inflammation is reduced then the client could benefit from cross friction massage and eccentric gradual loading of the tendon (“Golfer’s Elbow (Medial Epicondylitis) Treatment”, 2020).

The athletes were practising their track runs today and I was able to help instruct the team on techniques and ways to decrease their time. I was able to take a warm up for the athletes and showed them stretches for muscles that many of them did not know.


I believe I had the chance to increase my confidence, knowledge and experience today. I would of like to have done proper assessment and write down more notes, however because of the time restraints I was unable to do this. My time keeping was better today and I managed to treat more athletes because of this.


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