Fallout 76 – Four Months On

Fallout 76 is an online multiplayer game published by Bethesda Studios.

It’s safe to say that Fallout 76 launched with a rather loud thud, compared to the fanfare and confetti that Bethesda wanted it to have. And its also safe to say that since its release Fallout 76 has improved dramatically and is even adding new content. But, is it enough? Have Bethesda fixed the game in the few months since its release?

One of the key criticisms of Fallout 76 when it first launched was the carry/storage capacity and this has largely been addressed. Whilst your carry capacity is still linked to your level and what perk cards you have, the storage capacity has been upgraded from 400kg to 800kg. This is a big step due to the fact that a lot of Fallout 76 relies on storing resources and equipment to build new things as well as leveling up your weapons and gear. So, whilst this storage capacity may seem like a trivial issue, it is something that was causing a lot of players hassle, and turned a few off from the game entirely.

Fallout 76’s storage capacity was limited to 400kg for a long time after launch.

Another criticism for the game was the server issues, whether it be lag, failing to load in items or just kicking you out of one entirely and this has, largely, been fixed. I played for quite a while yesterday and didn’t experience any server issues bar a few laggy areas, but I believe that was more down to my wi-fi than to the game servers themselves. However, it should be noted that because this is a consistently online game, there will always be some minor server issues due to the amount of people that might want to be online at one time, but this is something Bethesda will be constantly working on.

Fallout 76 players would often receive this message during the early days of the game.

The third biggest issue that has since been resolved, since launch for Fallout 76, was AI responses. In the early days of the game, enemies would often not notice you, run away from you or you wouldn’t be able to hit them despite being up-close to them. Thankfully, this has been mostly fixed with enemies now running towards you when you’re noticed by them and your hits are registered on them dealing the damage that it should. But, as with the other criticisms, these issues can still crop up every now and then, especially the hit registers, during my previous gameplay I did experience a few occasions when my hits weren’t registered on the enemy which led to me being damaged more than I should.

Players would experience a variety of AI bugs.

But what about new additions? Well, since the original release, Bethesda have now released their first set of DLC. This, and all up-coming DLC, will be free to players of the game and will include a lot of content. For example, the first load of content will run between March and April and will feature new drinks and methods of creating drinks, centring on a brewing system to make alcoholic beverages that will have additional bonuses. During this DLC release window, there will also be a new ‘Survival’ game mode launched and some new Vaults being opened and ready to be explored.

Fallout 76’s current DLC roadmap for 2019

It’s safe to say that Fallout 76 has made some big strides towards the game it should have been when it was first released, but it might still have a long way to go before the game, and the publishing company, can regain the trust of a lot of fans who were considered hurt by the games launch. That being said, if you do have a copy of Fallout 76, be sure to drop big in soon and experience all that has changed, and if you don’t have a copy – but would like to get one – then a lot of game shops and Amazon are currently selling the game at an extremely reduced cost, so it might be worth picking up.

Red Dead Redemption 2 – Review

Red Dead Redemption 2 is now available on PS4 and Xbox One.

Perhaps one of the most anticipated games of 2018, Red Dead Redemption 2 has finally been released to the world. But is it any good? The short answer is, yes, yes it is. This is one of the most in-depth and well put together games to have been released in a while, but it does have some of its downsides.

One of the main positives for RDR2 is its level of detail. Within the game you have to eat and drink to make sure you’re fit enough, you have to clean your guns to make sure that they work to their best ability and you even have to keep your facial hair in check because it will grow from nothing to a full beard without proper care. This game is almost a realistic cowboy simulator with the amount of little details there are and you notice even more as you play through.

Another positive for this game is the plot. Bar the first 30-45 minutes of the game, the plot is pretty fast-paced and entertaining. I’ll avoid spoilers in this article, but the main bulk of this game will have you looking after your camp and doing jobs to make sure your camp and its people can live well and be able to remain free from the local police that will be chasing you down. However, with this being a prequel, there is an element of knowing how the story will end, based on what characters you know are still alive in the first game, but that doesn’t affect how you feel about the characters in this game and the paths they go down.

Speaking of the characters, all of those in this game are well-rounded and feel like real people who are living real lives that are affected by you. Some of the characters can be annoying and infuriating, but that only adds to the depth and realism of the game, and some characters you’ll love and want to spend even more time with, especially lead man Arthur. Arthur is your quintessential cowboy, a tough guy with a heart of gold and for me he was a better lead character than John from the first game. I loved playing as Arthur and would’ve enjoyed an even longer game with him.

However, despite the positives, there is an issue, with one of the main ones being the shooting mechanics. Rockstar are known for their open world games (including GTA 5) but they’re not as well known for the shooting, and in this game, the shooting is quite difficult. This isn’t a first-person shooter but that doesn’t mean the gun play shouldn’t be great, the issue with this game is that it tries to do too much that it forgets about the shooting. It’s difficult to explain but when you play the game the shooting feels to light, too quick to move and the only real way you can get clear shots are by using the ‘dead eye’ system which in itself is difficult to master.

Overall, the game is very good. It does a brilliant job of creating an in-depth western atmosphere with a great plot and some brilliant characters, and if you can get around the tricky gun mechanics, you’ll have a great time.


Read Dead Redemption 2: 4/5