The Weeknd $100,000, Ben Stiller a ten million campaign and Kanye West… Yeezy’s.

Kanye West, (or Ye) visited Uganda alongside Kim Kardashian West on Monday 15th October primarily to visit the president and shoot a music video. After visiting the president, Ye made a donation of his own range of signature Yeezy Boost trainers to a selection of Ugandan children. After this Ye suffered controversy online. One twitter user @Ndibzzz shared their frustration by emphasising the ”long radius dirt environment” was not ideal for the £150 white trainers. Others praised previous celebrities,such as Akon and french Montana for supplying electricity and lighting across parts of Africa. After receiving this backlash,there are now supposed plans to build children’s housing. This structure would be a replacement for the current orphanage housing. His plans also include transforming zoo’s.


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