Four criminals released in error within three weeks

Four prisoners from several jails across England have been mistakenly released in the past three weeks.

The error occurred in HMP Norwich, HMP Onnley, HMP Styal and HMP Isis, between 9 and 28 August, which let four different criminals roam free.

The inmates were recaptured, as a Ministry of Justice spokeswoman confirmed, but it is unknown how long they were out for. She has also emphasised that these occurrences are very rare.

The incidents were instantly reported to the police and they were all very quick to react, meaning that each criminal was retained rapidly.

The highest number of released prisoners, since records began 12 years ago, was back in 2016-17 where figures showed that there were 71 incidents.

Similarly, a high rate was also apparent in 2015 when it was reported that just under one prisoner was released per week.

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