Plymouth couple experience “the most amazing” retirement trip of a life time.

Plymouth couple, aged 65, experience a luxury around the world trip after retiring from their demanding jobs, “creating amazing memories which will last a lifetime”.

Maureen and Edward Vine indulged on a magnificent around the world trip to celebrate their retirement, travelling to different countries where they made the most of their amazing opportunity which they did not have when they were young. From Mexico to Australia, the inspirational Jet-setters encountered a variety of cultures as they sailed briskly to different ports throughout the world.

The Arcadia, a P&O cruise ship, which can hold just shy of 2,100 passengers per trip is an exclusive adults only ship, providing people with a relaxed experience with a intimate atmosphere and classic elegance. On board, there is a extensive range of restaurants to dine, a salon and a spa providing relaxation and frequent entertainment, which contributes to a pleasurable holiday experience.

As a captain of a ship, Edward has spent the majority of his time at sea, however he never got to experience all of the different locations around the world. This invigorating trip has allowed him to relax whilst visiting amazing countries which he had not had the chance to experience before. Maureen has had a similar experience to her husband where she also had a demanding role on the ship, giving them both the chance to explore the world together, after 40 years of marriage.

Experiencing 3 months on the Arcadia enabled Maureen to take part in all of the activities that the ship had to offer, such as craft lessons and dancing. Maureen felt that she “made the most of every single activity whilst on board” and her “time was always filled with something to do”, whilst Edward enjoyed a “relaxing coffee on our balcony taking in the views”.

Their favourite excursion whilst on the Arcadia was visiting the amazing city of San Francisco where they took in the breathtaking views of the skyline at sunset where  “the sky was a beautiful shade of pink”, said Edward. Whilst they were at this destination, they sampled the fresh local food at The Ferry Building marketplace and they had much needed retail therapy in the luxury retail outlets.

Whilst on board, the couple met some amazing people and made friends which they have continued to stay in touch with. They were able to “meet people with similar interests” and these people also wanted to “experience every place that they dock”. The new friends that they have met come from different cities including Aberdeen and Dublin and also one couple from Swansea are coming down to stay with Maureen and Edward in the coming weeks to take a look around Plymouth.

Going on a cruise is something which the Plymouth couple would recommend as it does not require flying and it allows you to hop straight back on board after experiencing the different locations. They are excited for further holidays in the future, where they hope to meet up with the friends they have made on this incredible trip.




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on “Plymouth couple experience “the most amazing” retirement trip of a life time.
One Comment on “Plymouth couple experience “the most amazing” retirement trip of a life time.
  1. After reading this article I to would be interested in experiencing
    this fabulous holiday when I retire
    must start saving .

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