On average which university in the United Kingdom spends the most money?

Student website that allows support and guidance for people studying at university has revealed which university’s spend the most money and what they have been indulging on as well as who spends the least.

Over 3100 students were asked in a survey how much they spend roughly on monthly supplies and expenses which all include bills, socialising, food, drink, mobile phones and phone bills/ contracts. Students believe that their money is only spent on a few Mcdonald’s here and there but we break it down into sections to find out further where your money actually goes.

Looking at the results from the student’s answers, excluding rent an average a student will spend just over £300 a month on expenses with a staggering amount of £100 on food. Moreover, £64 on socialising and drinking and £47 on public transport. Keep reading to find out which universities in the UK spend the most compared to others.

Being a student is difficult enough especially with all the changes let alone trying to juggle bills and manage time. It has been shown that UCL, Cambridge and Kingston spent the most on food compared to other universities. On the other hand, Kingston, King’s college and Goldsmiths resulted in the biggest party animals. Outside of London it was Keele, Edinburgh ad Bournemouth.

In contrast, York St John and Huddersfield came bottom in spending the least on socialising and drinking. Moreover depending on where you study, there is such a huge difference in bill expenses. An extortionate amount of £73 per month in Bath Spa, whilst in Liverpool it is only £10 per month.

Looking at all of the results of the students we interviewed, surprisingly Plymouth came 15th most expensive in the overall expenses. Not big party animals after all.

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