Rainbow Six Siege: next season revealed

Ubisoft have finally teased the next big DLC update, ‘Operation Wind Bastion’, which will also be the last major release for Siege’s third year of post-launch content. 

In typical pre-annoncement fashion, the Rainbow Six Twitter account released a cryptic tweet on Monday teasing the highly anticipated Moroccon DLC. The final season of the year is expected to provide two new GIGR operators and a new map set in sandy Morocco, however the update will also include new aesthetic changes that have divided the community.

The full reveal will come during the Pro League Finals on November 17th and 18th, so the community will still have time to speculate new features and get excited.

Ubisoft have also given us brief breakdowns of the two new operators on their website.

The update will also implement the announced new aesthetic changes to the game, such will range from changing icons and removing any references to gambling, sex, skulls and other aspects. Ubisoft have stated their intentions to create one singular version of the game in order to make marketing the game simpler in Asia, namely China which has strict censorship rules.

After revealing these planned changes, many in the community have criticised this decision. Many decrying that the changes could have unintended effects on gameplay and others making the case that it robs the player of the immersion of being a member of an elite counter-terrorist unit. Ubisoft, however, maintains that these changes will have no impact on gameplay.

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